TDC and Coincidence Electronics • Fast Position Sensitive Detectors • Custom Designs

Time to Digital Converters (TDCs)

4 channel TDC cards with 60ps resolution and 5ns multihit dead time. ->more information


Position Sensitive Detectors

Stock and custom made fast position sensitive detectors with sub-millimeter spatial resolution, 500ps timing resolution, 10ns multihit dead time. ->more information


Coincidence Electronics

Complete setups for coincident time-of-flight and imaging measurements.->more information


Beam Position Monitors

Simple VUV light beam position monitors with 0.1mm spatial resolution. ->more information


High Voltage Pulse Generators

Perfect rectangular pulses up to 1000V and 50% burst duty cycle for time-of-flight measurements.
->more information


Custom Spectrometer Design

Design and realization of complete time-of-flight- and position sensitive detectors for your requirements.
->more information